GRENTON I/O MODULE 2/2 allows to control any low power electrical device through 2 low power relay outputs and at the same time has 2 digital inputs and allows connection of up to 2 digital 1-Wire temperature sensors.

GRENTON I/O MODULE 2/2 provides the on/off switching functionality of 2 independent devices in an intelligent home (e.g. control of lamps, valves, an entrance gate or recuperator). Additionally, it allows to connect 2 independent elements containing a contact input (e.g. classic switches, motion, smoke or flood sensors).


Technical Information

  • DC power supply: 24 V
  • maximum power consumption: 0.96 W
  • maximum device current(@24V): 30 mA
  • znamionowe napięcie obciążenia obwodu AC1: 1,5 A / 230 Vac
  • maksymalna moc łączeniowa AC1: 350 VA
  • typ przekaźnika: NO, inrush
  • maximum wire cross section for outputs: 2.5 mm²
  • maximum wire cross section for inputs: 1.5 mm²
  • weight: 30 g
  • dimensions (h/w/d): 19/45/36 mm
  • operational temperature range: 0 – 45 °C

Product Identification

  • Name: GRENTON I/O MODULE 2/2, Flush, TF-Bus, 1-wire
  • SKU: INO-222-T-01
  • EAN: 5902983719199
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